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Blender Mayonnaise

Page 76

| Course Type: Condiments

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Tags: mayonnaise blender sandwich spread

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18th August 2011

Queezle_Sister from Salt Lake City, UT

Easy mayo - worked the first time!

This cookbook gives 10 different mayonnaise recipes, and this one, using a blender and whole eggs, looked the easiest. It came together easily, and looks quite respectable.

Not being much of a mayo taster, its difficult for me to give an informed rating. It tastes too salty on my finger, but in a tomato sandwich (which is the food I live & garden for), it was perfect!

**update - 12 daughter wants this raised to a five star rating, she literally ate it out of the dish today. I did raise the rating to 4 - as even those in the family who do not like mayo seemed to enjoy this on their tomato sandwiches.

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