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Roasted Tomato Salsa


Cuisine: Mexican | Course Type: Condiments

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26th September 2011

Queezle_Sister from Salt Lake City, UT

Smokey, spicy, and with great flavor! This recipe is a keeper.

I promised my husband home-made salsa - and enough to last him the winter. It was an easy promise, but I've not been intrigued by many of the salsa recipes I've found. This one, though, was great.

You start off with cutting roma tomatoes in half, and broiling them skin-side up, along with white onion, serrano peppers, and garlic. You leave them in a long time - until the tomato skins are black. Then you whip them up in the blender, add salt, lime, and cilantro. Thats it!

There was good advice on varying the heat. I used two serrano peppers (from my garden). One of them I kept the seeds and membrane, and the other I removed seeds and membrane. I could eat this salsa, but there was enough heat to please my husband.

If you can suggest a great salsa recipe - please leave me information in the comments.

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