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The Pie and Pastry Bible

Sweet Nut Cookie Tart Crust

Page 58

Cuisine: French | Course Type: Pies and Tarts

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Tags: almonds nuts walnuts pecans Rose Levy Beranbaum pie crust pate sucree tart crust

Recipe Reviews

30th November 2011

lovesgenoise from , MA

I've made this crust several times, mostly with almonds but once with pecans. It is my favorite pate sucree, the nuts add flavor and help keep it tender.

To ensure the crust doesn't crack, I like to use a whole egg in place of the yolk and cream, the book talks about this version of the crust in the "Understanding" section on p. 58.

I love the process and smooth results of rolling the dough (instead of pressing it into the pan). Unless my kithcen is quite cool, it often needs to be chilled part way through rolling to keep it from becoming too sticky.

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