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Marie Claire Fresh + Fast

Roast Chicken Leg Quarters with Figs and Almonds

Page 137

| Course Type: Main Courses

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Tags: quick easy chicken almonds roast roast chicken garlic figs quick and easy chicken legs

Recipe Reviews

25th February 2012

friederike from Berlin,

It was very simple, and extremely fast to prepare (with an hour in the oven afterwards). On the chicken, you hardly tasted any of the ingredients other than the honey and perhaps the garlic, which always gets minus points from me, but it was nice enough, and the timing was perfect.

Apparently, though, figs and garlic seem to react - at least they turned blue and green were they 'met', and we also had to remove a few bits from the chicken to prevent it from looking extremeley unappetizing, but for the rest it was nice to see as well.

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