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Marie Claire Fresh + Fast

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Pizza Dough reviewed by friederike

27th April 2013

Quite easy, not a lot of work, but I wasn't as happy with the result as with this pizza dough. It was soggy, heavy, and not very crisp.
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Zucchini, Tomato and Pesto Pizza reviewed by friederike

27th April 2013

Not very good. The balance was totally off. I used only about 3/4 of the tomato sauce, and yet it was too much and too strong, too concentrated and too salty. The pesto (I used a commercial one) and the parmesan didn't help either. The parmesan wasn't...
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Fine Apple Tart reviewed by friederike

8th June 2012

Very nice and very easy, just not very exciting. Also minuspoints for not browning well; in the end I placed them under the grill for a few minutes (which might be a good idea anyway to caramelize the sugar), but next time I would definitely also brush...
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Ginger-spiced Oranges with Caramel Ice Cream reviewed by friederike

24th March 2012

Very delicious, very easy, very subtle taste, but: you'll either have to serve this dish on a plate, with knife and fork, or cut the oranges in smaller parts (i.e. third) as you won't be able to eat them properly otherwise. I think I would have liked...
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