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Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen: Capturing the Vibrant flavors of a World-Class Cuisine

Smoky Shredded Pork Tacos/Tacos de Picadillo Oaxaqueño

Page 150

Cuisine: Mexican | Course Type: Main Courses

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Tags: raisins pork almonds tortillas

Recipe Reviews

3rd May 2012

Queezle_Sister from Salt Lake City, UT

Lovely shredded pork, barely enrobed in a tomato-onion-pepper sauce.

The pork is boiled for 1.5 hrs, allowed to cool, and then shredded. The sauce for the meat is prepared by first broiling tomatoes until black, dry roasting garlic cloves (before peeling), and whirring these, plus some peppers, in the blender.

This dish was prepared by 13-daughter, and she was very careful to not make it too spicy - only 1/2 a chipotle in adobo. I'd prefer it with more spice, but the other seasonings helped to make this delicious, spicy or not.

The meat/sauce mixture then has cinnamon, pepper, cloves, almonds, and raisins added.

We followed the suggestion of steaming the corn tortillas. The first set became too moist - I think my fault as i left the steamer boiling for too long. But the second set was perfect.

This was excellent, it tasted like good street food tacos from Mexico. YUM.

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