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Feast: Food to Celebrate Life
By Nigella Lawson
Knopf Canada - 2004
ISBN: 0676974120

Feast: Food That Celebrates Life
By Nigella Lawson
Chatto & Windus - 2006
ISBN: 0701180331

Feast: Food to Celebrate Life
By Nigella Lawson
Hyperion - 2004

By nigella lawson
- 2000

Feast: Food that Celebrates Life
By Nigella Lawson
Chatto & Windus - 2004
ISBN: 0701175214

Feast: Food to Celebrate Life

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

Page 269

(2 reviews)


Recipe Reviews

29th August 2010

southerncooker from Boomer, NC

I didn't have quiet enough sour cream on hand so used buttermilk in the cake batter as
suggested in How to Cook Everything by Mark Bitman. I did use the sour cream in
the icing though.

This was an interesting recipe in that everything for the cake itself was
dumped into the food processor and whizzed around, then put into the prepared
cake pans. She said you could go the long route and add things in stages in the
big mixer and she proceeds to tell you how to go that way but also asks why you
would want to when her preferred way works just as well and is much easier.

Harold fell in love with this cake and said it was the best one I had ever
made. He liked the icing even better than the Chocolate Butter cream I usually
make which he has always loved. Sarita and I liked the cake too but liked the
frosting better and think it would be wonderful on Robin Miller's Chocolate Cake
which Sarita has made a couple times since we saw it on her Quick Fix With Robin
Miller Show.

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16th February 2009

Alison from Stratford, ON

The cake itself was quite good, but was a bit rich and not as good once the icing was added. I would make the cake again, but try a different icing.

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