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Feast: Food to Celebrate Life

Recent Reviews

Cornbread Topped Chili reviewed by pumpkinspice

14th July 2014

Andy's Fairfield Granola reviewed by kcookie

15th December 2011

I love this recipe because it uses very little oil (2 tablespoons sunflower oil) compared to many other recipes for granola and there are lots of different flavours and textures. The apple sauce, honey, brown sugar and brown rice syrup helps the granola...
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Ritzy Chicken Nuggets reviewed by sturlington

2nd May 2011

I didn't follow this recipe to a T. I thought it could use a little more flavor in the breading, and I ended up using panko bread crumbs instead of Ritz cracker crumbs.
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Chocolate Espresso Cake with Caffe Latte Cream reviewed by sturlington

20th February 2011

I made this for Valentine's Day and everyone loved it. It's like a dense, gooey brownie cake. My cake didn't rise as high as the one in the picture -- perhaps I didn't beat enough at the beginning? It still tasted great. I omitted the liqueur and that...
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