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Feast: Food That Celebrates Life

Recent Reviews

Chocolate Guinness Cake reviewed by redjanet

3rd January 2015

This was a very easy cake to make and turned out moist and delicious. I don't like Guinness (or any beer for the matter), and I was pleased that instead of giving it a any flavour of beer, the stout just added a more intensity of flavour. The cream cheese...
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Pumpkin cheesecake reviewed by redjanet

3rd January 2015

I made this for a between Thanksgiving and Christmas family gathering and it was very well received. I did use tinned pumpkin purée, and the resulting flavour was a good mix of both the pumpkin and cream cheese. It is definitely different than your typical...
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Chocolate Cherry Trifle reviewed by innocentfront

31st May 2013

Sticky garlic potatoes reviewed by redjanet

2nd April 2013

This was very easy to prepare and much less fiddly than the usual roast potatoes. The garlic roasted nicely with the potatoes and were easily devoured by all.
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