Fish and Broccoli Pie


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24th October 2013


This recipe is a bit weird. As the recipe is first presented, the "US measurements" are in grams and the ingredients ask for cornflour rather than cornstarch. I suspect the measures are really British, which means that 3/4 pint milk is more than 1-1/2cups. Also, the measurements for the fish are imprecise, 2 smoked haddock fillets and one cod fillet. First time I've used smoked haddock, but I know cod fillets can vary quite a lot in size.

Anyhow, I was making dinner for two. I got half a smoked haddock fillet (as suggested by the fish person), for 200g+. And half a cod fillet for~225g.
I used all the other ingredients, except I had only ~100g breadcrumbs (ciabatta, cubed by hand, not processed).

Result was very tasty, and easy to make. We ate all of it, although it would have served three easily. (Oink, oink.) But it was good. And it could be a one-dish meal.

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