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Cakes (Maida Heatter's Classic Library)

The Original Kentucky Whiskey Cake

Page 157

| Course Type: Cakes

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3rd January 2019

kateq from annapolis, md

For years, I made this cake every Christmas--in one big cake, in numerous mini bundt cakes. It made me addicted to bourbon raisins, a jar of which is always in my pantry. I had sort of forgotten it--but made it again this year. In the form of mediium sized bundts, it was a really successful present. In the form of cute little baby bundts, it was beloved. I really don't know why I stopped making it, but I did use up all my Maker's Mark and have it on my shopping list. It's not a one day deal--you need to have the raisins soaking in the bourbon for at least a while. And the cake really does improve if it can sit a bit wrapped up in a bourbon-dampened piece of cheesecloth. But even if you make it at the last minute, it's still a great cake. And the separating of the eggs and the folding in of the whites is really not daunting. A truly great cake.

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