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Chocolate & Zucchini: Daily Adventures in a Parisian Kitchen

Papillotes de Bar aux Asperges

Page 98

Cuisine: French | Course Type: Main Courses

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19th June 2010


A very nice idea, easy and tasty. My only problem was that the asparagus did not get done in the allotted time, even cut in half lengthwise as she suggests. It would have been a good idea to steam them about halfway before assembling the packets.
I didn't make the origami boxes as she suggests, but might try that for serving to company. Even with parchment paper, it makes a nice presentation.
The recipe is quite versatile. You could use whatever veggies and fish are in season, only being sure that the veggies are either pre-cooked a bit or in pieces that will cook in the same time as the fish. The topping was quite nice also.

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