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Chocolate & Zucchini: Daily Adventures in a Parisian Kitchen

Recent Reviews

Frittata Fêve & Menthe reviewed by kaye16

18th June 2019

Really very good as frittatas go. The fêves are a bit of an annoyance to prepare, podding, parboiling, peeling, but the result is lovely. Once the fêves are prepped, and this can be done ahead, the frittata is easy to assemble. I used my 9" cast iron...
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Le gâteau de Mamy (My grandmother's apple cake) reviewed by wester

5th October 2013

Easy, tasty and very pretty. Baking longer at a lower temperature is better - at 350F the top gets really brown while the inside is still wobbly. Baking for 10 minutes longer at 320F/160C gives a cake that is done but not overbaked.
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Biscuits Tres Chocolat reviewed by Neodymia

10th June 2012

It was worth buying the book just for this recipe. Very dark chocolatey, salty, crunchy cookies.
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Courgettes aux Olives reviewed by kaye16

30th June 2010

A very nice "dress-up" dish for zucchini. The leftovers were good cold also; this would be a good picnic food I think. Dusoulier also suggests that it could be a vegetarian main over pasta or polenta.
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