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Honey & Co: Food from the Middle East
By Itamar, Packer, Sarit Srulovich
Saltyard Books - 2014
ISBN: 144475467X

Honey & Co.: The Cookbook

Preserved Lemon Slices

Page 15

Cuisine: Middle Eastern | Course Type: Condiments

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10th November 2017

kateq from annapolis, md

This is a simple shortcut to preserved lemon. Very thin slices of lemon are macerated in salt, then packed with their natural juice, some pepperoncini and olive oil in a jar. In the fridge, the olive oil solidifies. I spooned out some of the oil with a few lemon slices, chopped the lemon, added the oil and lemon to some leftover garlic potatoes, cherry tomatoes and some herbs---Magnificent! I can think of a dozen uses for these, but just this simple way of dressing a vegetable salad is worth the price of the book. Wonderful chopped up with some black lives and spooned over grilled chicken or fish--or as suggested in the book, as a sandwich condiment.

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