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A Taste of Old Cuba: More Than 150 Recipes for Delicious, Authentic, and Traditional Dishes

Pescado en Salsa Verde (Fish in Green Sauce)

Page 44

Cuisine: Caribbean | Course Type: Main Courses

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3rd May 2017

kateq from annapolis, md

This recipe is amazing. The fish is ready to serve in half an hour and it's totally delicious. In addition it is a most forgiving and flexible recipe. You can halve it or double it; you can use almost any white fleshed fish (and I've done it with salmon and loved it). You can vary the herbs, sub lemon for the vinegar or use other vinegars. It's just so easy. And the only clean-up is the blender, your knife and the pan (if you make it stove-top) or baking dish. It's also really pretty.

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