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A Bird in the Hand: Chicken recipes for every day and every mood
By Diana Henry
Mitchell Beazley - 2015
ISBN: 178472002X

A Bird in the Hand: Chicken Recipes for Every Day and Every Mood

Tajine of chicken, caramelized onions and pears

Page 58

Cuisine: Moroccan/Algerian/Tunisian | Course Type: Main Courses

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4th April 2018


Really liked this dish. I used chicken thighs and made a smaller amount but otherwise followed the recipe. It took about 1.5 hrs from start to finish. I think this could be streamlined somewhat; for example, chicken goes in and cooks 15 minutes before the shallots then later the chicken comes out and onions cooked further...I will change that next time I try it, hopefully making it quicker with no loss of flavour. Love the addition of pears at the end.

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