Floyd's India
By Keith Floyd, Kim Sayer
Harper Collins Publishers - 2001
ISBN: 0004140885

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Floyd's India
By Keith Floyd
HarperCollins UK - 2003
ISBN: 0007160054

Floyd's India

Fish Curry Bengal-Style—Doi Macchi

Page 124

Cuisine: Indian | Course Type: Main Courses

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3rd October 2018


This is my first venture into this book (my cookbook-of-the-month) and it was pretty much a failure. Something is seriously wrong with the recipe. It asks for 25g of ground turmeric. Various ingredient-converters tell me this is 8-1/3 teaspoons. That's more than 4 teaspoons for my half recipe. That's a lot of turmeric, which has a strong bitter taste and is usually used in much smaller doses. The bitter overran any subtler tastes from the other spices. Definitely won't be making this again.

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