Floyd's India
By Keith Floyd, Kim Sayer
Harper Collins Publishers - 2001
ISBN: 0004140885

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Floyd's India

Recent Reviews

Spicy Fried Fillets of Fish reviewed by kaye16

18th October 2018

I made a half recipe of this, with tuna, which was the best looking fish of the day. This was actually pretty good, probably the only recipe I'll save from this book, but the recipe itself was screwy, calling for a huge amount of green chiles. I used...
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Runner or Green Beans Foogath reviewed by kaye16

6th October 2018

Maybe this was meant to be a main course. It calls for 1kg of beans (I used runner beans) for 4, plus 300g of potatoes. For the beans, at 200g, I thought the pile was more than enough for two. (I usually get 150-200g of green beans as a side for two,...
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Spicy Prawns with Mango—Jhinga Thokku reviewed by kaye16

6th October 2018

I made a halfish dose of this. According to Floyd, even my half recipe would need 1 tablespoon of red chili powder (I usually use cayenne for this). One tablespoon! I used 1/2 teaspoon and maybe it could have used a bit more, but not one tablepoon. And...
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Spiced Beetroot—Subzi Poriyal reviewed by kaye16

3rd October 2018

This was pretty good; the coconut and beet combination worked pretty well. But, the recipe says it serves 4-6; I made a short half recipe and it would have served 3-4 without a problem.
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