Floyd's India
By Keith Floyd, Kim Sayer
Harper Collins Publishers - 2001
ISBN: 0004140885

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Floyd's India
By Keith Floyd
HarperCollins UK - 2003
ISBN: 0007160054

Floyd's India

Runner or Green Beans Foogath

Page 158

Cuisine: Indian | Course Type: Sides

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6th October 2018


Maybe this was meant to be a main course. It calls for 1kg of beans (I used runner beans) for 4, plus 300g of potatoes. For the beans, at 200g, I thought the pile was more than enough for two. (I usually get 150-200g of green beans as a side for two, but this was a side including potatoes.)
The measurement of cumin seeds was way off; I used 1/2 teaspoon for my 200g of beans.
Three dried chiles (half of what was asked) made the pretty attention-getting; two would have been better for my 200g of beans.
Per the instructions, the potatoes will cook al dente with just a few drops of water. Not at my house.
In the end, the dishwas pretty good, but we couldn't eat all I made.

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