Floyd's India
By Keith Floyd, Kim Sayer
Harper Collins Publishers - 2001
ISBN: 0004140885

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Floyd's India
By Keith Floyd
HarperCollins UK - 2003
ISBN: 0007160054

Floyd's India

Spicy Prawns with Mango—Jhinga Thokku

Page 118

Cuisine: Indian | Course Type: Main Courses

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6th October 2018


I made a halfish dose of this. According to Floyd, even my half recipe would need 1 tablespoon of red chili powder (I usually use cayenne for this). One tablespoon! I used 1/2 teaspoon and maybe it could have used a bit more, but not one tablepoon. And he asks for either finely sliced red onions or chopped red shallots. Sliced or chopped, huh? And sliced tomatoes to cook till they've disintegrated? Why not chop them?
Interesting results, but not liking the poor instructions and ingredient list.

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