7-Veg Tomato Sauce


| Course Type: Sauces/Gravies

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Tags: pumpkin carrots tomato celery butternut

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20th December 2019


I didn't like this sauce much at all. The ingredients are all things we like but for us the resulting sauce was bland. I managed to rescue it by adding lots of tomato products. In future I will just make my standard sauce with a couple of carrots grated in. A nice idea but not a repeat for me.

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21st October 2018

friederike from Berlin,

Be warned: it's a lot. I made half a recipe, and half of that (= a quarter recipe) was enough for the four of us to be served with spaghetti on two nights, so enough for 8 servings.

It tasted very nice, and both of my children enjoyed it a lot. It reminded me a bit of a Bolognese sauce, probably bacause of the carrot and celery sticks; I didn't have leeks on hand, so I didn't use any. I guess you could also add in other vegetables (cauliflower? broccoli?) as long as they are cooked, which probably will happen anyway. It tasted well-seasoned while in the pan, though once served with spaghetti it needed a lot of salt (and yes, I cook the spaghetti in salted water).

If you want to go down the use-this-as-a-tomato-sauce-substittution-road, remember to freeze the sauce in small quantities.

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