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Vegetable Harvest: Vegetables at the Center of the Plate

Smoked Salon with Dill-Mustard Sauce

Page 4

| Course Type: Appetizers

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19th May 2019


4.5 even.

A recipe that serves ten is not your usually thing. I've never bought smoked salmon in a pack that had more than six siices. Maybe ten is the next break?

I had four slices to serve two. It's hard to arrange two things on a plate attractively. I think it would be better to cut a bit off each to make a third pile/roll/whatever.

I made about a third of the sauce, which was fairly easy to divide. The sauce was yummy. The extra went well over steamed green beans with the main.

Definitely a keeper.

It's curious that the French name for this recipe is Saumon Fumé, Sauce Moutarde a la Menthe, but there is no mint involved. The herb is either fresh dill or wild fennel (which we used to have, but DH mowed it down. :-( ) Can't quite imagine mint. Think that should have been aneth=dill.

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