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Vegetable Harvest: Vegetables at the Center of the Plate

Recent Reviews

Golden Cauliflower and Rice Pilaf reviewed by kaye16

16th November 2019

Main dish at lunchtime? Maybe. Main dish for main meal? Not really. Tasty though. The curry flavor is almost missable, like most French food. Easy to make. Tasty.
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Rosemary-Apple-Cranberry Galette reviewed by kaye16

30th October 2019

This was okay, but not as nice as I'd have liked. The rosemary was an interesting touch. It took two apples to cover the tart in two rows. Most of the cranberries were a bit on the toasted/crunchy side after 35min. Better, I think, to sprinkle this mixture...
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Broccoli Puree with a HInt of Mint reviewed by kaye16

30th October 2019

This was surprisingly good, surprising because broccoli and mint is not an expected combination to me. The recipes is supposed to serve twelve -- NOT. Four of us ate it all. You might be able to stretch it to six.
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Light, Flaky Whole Wheat Pastry reviewed by kaye16

30th October 2019

This does *not* make 2 rimless tarts, only a single one. Pretty good though.
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