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Vegetable Harvest: Vegetables at the Center of the Plate

Recent Reviews

Lemon-Roasted Potatoes with Bay Leaves reviewed by kaye16

12th September 2019

Excellent, although I do wonder about the serving size. Two pounds is about 900g, which Wells thinks will serve 8. Those would be very dainty servings. I usually count 400-500g to serve two, and did tonight. I halved some tiny amandine potatoes. Forgot...
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Chicken Breasts with Mint, Capers and White Wine reviewed by kateq

16th August 2019

Simple, quick and quite good, The sauce is best if cooked down enough that it is thick enough to coat the chicken,
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Light Basil Puree reviewed by kateq

16th August 2019

Ms. Wells suggests this as a topping for toasted tomatoes and it is very good that way. But this has many uses--drizzled over a piece of grilled fish or chicken, as a sandwich condiment, or, my favorite so far, thinned with a bit more olive oil and used...
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Seared Duck Breast with Espelette Pepper Jelly reviewed by kaye16

2nd August 2019

The rating is for the method of cooking the magrets. They turned out really good, exactly the way they should. Didn't make the espelette pepper jelly, which might be gilding the lily.
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