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Vegetable Harvest: Vegetables at the Center of the Plate

Rosemary-Apple-Cranberry Galette

Page 268

Cuisine: French | Course Type: Pies and Tarts

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30th October 2019


This was okay, but not as nice as I'd have liked. The rosemary was an interesting touch.
It took two apples to cover the tart in two rows.
Most of the cranberries were a bit on the toasted/crunchy side after 35min. Better, I think, to sprinkle this mixture on about halfway through the cooking.
The recipe says that a 4x13" pastry will serve 12. One-inch servings are pretty skimpy, not to mention hard to cut. I think SIX servings is more like it.
I sprinkled on some rosemary flowers before serving since I found my rosemary plant unexpectedly blooming.

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