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Arborio Rice Pudding


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3rd May 2020


This is a very comforting dish - creamy and delicious. Mine took a bit longer to thicken despite using some of the "tricks" other reviews discussed but the end result was worth an extra 10 minutes. I liked this recipe because it wasn't too sweet, didn't call for eggs or the 4-6 cups milk that many other recipes do, and it used arborio rice which always makes a great pudding. I added a good dose of cinnamon and vanilla and thoroughly enjoyed.
Update... I can back to this yesterday and realized it is just too milky and really not that creamy. Maybe it was something I did or perhaps my rice (I used Arborio as called for) but the texture was just kinda blah. The flavor is good - cinnamon/milk/rice, but I do think rice pudding is all about texture and I have certainly made better. I still appreciate that this is not too sweet and when it is warm it is very nice but I think it could benefit from an egg yolk or longer cooking time.

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