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Pan Pizza


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18th May 2020


This is a great homage to Pizza Hut Pan Pizza! Was craving some indulgence and this certainly fit the bill - crispy edges, pillowy crust and plenty of cheese. The dough is very wet/sticky and I did add some extra flour to help with handling but avoid that if you can. I followed the recipe closely (for both the crust and sauce) but halved everything to make 1 12 inch cast iron and 1 (slightly thinner) 8 inch. Be sure to oil the pans well to get that crispy crust. My one gripe with this recipe is it could use a little more detail, like what the dough should look like after it comes out of the fridge - mine was very "porous" and collapsed, how much oil for the pan etc, - these cues would have giving me a little more confidence along the way. Last but not least, par baking the dough with sauce may be a good idea since the cheese got pretty browned on top.

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