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Baked Rice Pudding (Riz au Lait) with Plum Compote


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22nd May 2020


This is a really comforting, delicious, fussy rice pudding. It is baked at 325 for 1 hour 45 minutes, stirring every 10-15 minutes! If I weren't stuck at home with some time on my hands I would not have even considered this recipe and I had my doubts - it seemed very milky and looked like it wouldn't thicken but in the last 15 minutes it really came a long way to produce a custardy rice pudding. It was in no way dense using an 8 x 7 pyrex with deeo sides (Lebovitz warns that if the vessel is too wide the pudding could become heavy and dense). I initially cut the sugar to a heaping 1/4 cup, then half way thru cooking realized it was not sweet enough and added another scant 1/4 cup. Next time I may start with 1/3 cup, tasting along the way. Also used 2 percent instead of whole milk and it seemed to work fine. Did not make the plum topping this time around.

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