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Sbrisolona (Italian Almond Torta Cake)


| Course Type: Cookies/Bars

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27th October 2020


Loved this simple cookie/cake! I halved this recipe and baked in an 8 inch loaf pan. I wasn't sure what to do with the "very coarsely chopped" almonds so I used them as topping, slightly pressing them into the cake. I added anise to the dough and left out the orange zest (none in the house). Next time I will definitely make the whole recipe, add the zest, stick with anise and perhaps add just a tiny smidge more salt (because I love sweet/salty things). What I won't do is cook it in a loaf pan since I think this hindered the middle section from getting the lovely crunch that the edges got. This is a break apart type of cookie - a little messy but lots of fun and super tasty.

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