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Cinnamon Toast


| Course Type: Breakfast/Brunch

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28th May 2021


This is more of a technique than a recipe. Other than a pinch of kosher salt it is like any other cinnamon toast ingredient wise. What makes this recipe different (than my version anyway) is that it is made stove top, in a nonstick pan with a generous amount of butter. Browning both top and bottom of the bread in butter, then sprinkling top with the cinnamon/sugar/salt mixture and finally flipping it sugar side down to caramelize the for 30 seconds or so. This all went pretty well, a little sugar was left on the pan but it didn't stick and was easily scraped up and onto my toast. Very tasty but I don't think I would bother with this again simply because my method of caramelizing the sugar/cinnamon under the broiler is just as good and one less dirty pan. I will say the touch of salt is a nice addition.

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