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19th August 2022


Followed instructions to a tee except for using a couple tablespoons extra wild blueberries (thawed from frozen).
Cooked 1 hour 15 minutes (as directed) and pie had just hit 213 F. Used Stella's All Butter pie dough recipe for a lattice crust. Last time I used this crust recipe it was a disaster but this time it came out much better though it did lose a little bit of the crimped edges (they puffed and lost some shape) but overall looked pretty good. It was buttery and super flaky. Made both filling and crust day before - rolling out the crust and leaving it in the pie plate overnight.
Had to grind my own tapioca flour from pearls (Bob's Red Mill) and it worked well - not soupy at all.
Pie sunk/caved some in the middle after removing it from the oven. - next time I think I would heap more berries towards the middle (not level out as she instructs).
I think the addition of the wild blueberries was great - they really add a lot of flavor. I did not detect the coriander at all. It was a touch sweet, but it is pie after all. Some whipped cream would have balanced it perfectly. Delicious pie!

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