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Double-Strawberry Cake


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26th April 2023


The flavor of this cake is very good, the texture however is a bit dense. I only had unbleached cake flour and Stella insists that the cake flour be bleached for this cake to work... and I do believe her. While the texture of this cake wasn't ideal I can certainly see it's potential and I won't hesitate to make it again using the proper cake flour. I'm not sure that I prefer it (in strawberry flavor) to Sally's Baking Addiction but I think it could be a contender. One of the main differences is that Sally cooks her berries down for a more concentrated flavor. Also Stellas cake is bigger 3 proper 8 inch layers while Sallys is meant to be 2 (tho I usually divide it into 3 thinner layers). I made her fruity whipped cream as a frosting which is very nice but a little light in flavor (I will increase the freeze dried berries next time).

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