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Fare for Friends

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Potatoes Romanoff 1
Vegetable Supreme 2
Layered Spinach Salad 1
Amaretto Chicken 2
Flank Steak Teriyaki 1
Cool Curry Chicken 1
Curried Mushroom Rolls 1

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Recent Reviews

Vegetable Supreme reviewed by HeatherN

4th April 2012

Every Family dinner I offer to bring something different but I'm no longer allowed since this has become a traditional family favourite. Simple quick and feeds lots of people.
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Amaretto Chicken reviewed by andrew

19th October 2009

This is a family classic. Before my second child was born my folks helped make something like a dozen portions of this to freeze for those days we were too tired to cook. It was welcome! It freezes well; the amaretto flavour complements the chicken very...
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Potatoes Romanoff reviewed by chefaileen

17th February 2009

Very good, but a pain to grate the potato. Serves a lot and good for special occasion dinners.
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Vegetable Supreme reviewed by chefaileen

17th February 2009

A family favourite, good for special occasions as it makes lots. Can be made ahead, and tastes better this way!
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