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Vij's: Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine

The lineups are legendary at Vij's restaurant in Vancouver, where genial proprietor Vikram Vij and his wife, Meeru, use local ingredients and original ideas to create exciting takes on the cuisines of India. In their bestselling cookbook, they share more than 80 of their original dishes, plus signature spice mixes and basic ingredient recipes.

Recent Reviews

Vij's Family Chicken Curry reviewed by kateq

19th November 2012

Having read the prior reviews, I felt pretty sure it would be good--it was Great! I used two chicken breasts cut into quarters but left on the bone, a large can of diced tomatoes (good fresh tomatoes being unavailable now) and otherwise followed the...
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Panfried Salmon Potato Cakes reviewed by southerncooker

1st October 2010

These were so good. I know I'll make them again. My daughter and I both loved them. I used sweet potato instead of yam since we can't get yams around here. The sweet potato and russet potato with the salmon, spices and other ingredients were a perfect...
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Vij's Chai reviewed by southerncooker

18th September 2010

My daughter and I made this tea. We had only had chai tea in the bags before. Since I already had all the ingredients on hand we decided to try this one. It smelled heavenly while brewing and was quiet tasty. With only two spices I wondered if it would...
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Green Onion and Coconut Chickpea Curry reviewed by andrew

18th September 2010

I agree with robing on this one. It was easy to prepare (we had some pre-cooked chickpeas in the fridge, so I didn't even have to open a can. I also used canned tomatoes, though I had whole ones. But the spicing was a little subtle. We had it with rice...
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