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The Enchanted Broccoli Forest...and Other Timeless Delicacies

Recent Reviews

Creamy Broccoli Salad reviewed by wester

9th September 2011

A bit too much lemon to really be creamy. Still a nice salad.
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Creamy, spicy eggplant soup reviewed by wester

7th August 2011

This was not very spicy, but it was nicely creamy with a good smoky/nutty accent. I could have done without the tomato and peppers in the topping - the taste did not blend well with the soup and the redness just served to accentuate the beigeness of...
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The Blintz Pancake reviewed by Queezle_Sister

30th January 2011

These delicious blintzes should have received a 4.5, they are that good. As per Mollie Katzen's suggestion, I prepared the batter in the blender - easy! I do not own a crepe pan, but dug out my 12-inch nonstick frying pan. It did a very respectable...
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The Enchanted Broccoli Forest reviewed by Queezle_Sister

25th January 2011

I've had this cookbook for more than 15 years, and always wanted to prepare this. I thought that this dish was delicious. The rice/egg mixture on the bottom has a surprising spice mix - dill, mint, and cayenne. This gave a good zip to the base, and...
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