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The Fannie Farmer Cookbook

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Chicken Salad reviewed by wester

6th February 2011

Simple & nice. I liked the suggestion of adding some almonds as well, but I used a lot less than she suggests.
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Light Fruit Cake reviewed by cgruner

3rd January 2010

I didn't follow this one to the letter; to be honest, all that candied fruit has about the same appeal to me as cold medicine. The only candied fruit I used was a smattering of pineapple; other than that, the candied fruits called for were replaced with...
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Broiled Shrimp reviewed by cgruner

3rd January 2010

Easy recipe; nice way to use up shrimp. I served it with orzo for a light meal. One extra thing I would do is squeeze some more lemon over the finished product for a little acid.
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Chickpea salad reviewed by wester

10th December 2009

I don't have a clue why the radishes are in here. For the rest, nice but unremarkable.
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