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The Fannie Farmer Cookbook

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Chocolate Chip Cookies 1
Peanut Butter Cookies 2
Almond cakes 1
Baked Rhubarb 1
Molasses cookies 1
Boston Cupcakes 1
Tuna Salad 1

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Recent Reviews

Tuna Salad reviewed by wester

10th June 2010

Basic tuna salad, no more, no less.
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Boston Cupcakes reviewed by wester

10th June 2010

Lovely cupcakes, and the mace flavour is quite clear without being overwhelming. They needed 20 minutes in the oven.
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Baked Rhubarb reviewed by wester

27th May 2010

Easy and just that bit tastier than stewing. The amount given could have been larger. We can easily down twice that.
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Almond cakes reviewed by wester

19th May 2010

Lovely moist subtle cakes. Not difficult to make either - I even blanched my own almonds using this cookbook. They are very sensitive to slight differences in oven temperature - I had to turn my muffin tin as soon as they had firmed up a little, because...
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