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The New York Times 60-Minute Gourmet

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Riz au Four—Baked Rice reviewed by kaye16

3rd February 2020

Very good and not that much more trouble that regular rice. I did add a goodly dose of Tabasco, but couldn't taste it at table. A third recipe was good for two.
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Courgettes au Citron—Zucchini with Oil and Lemon reviewed by kaye16

3rd February 2020

Wow, a zucchini recipe that DH likes! This is really easy, and very good. Chunks of zucchini, sautéed till they brown a bit, then steamed with lemon juice for 3 minutes. Yum.
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Coquilles St. Jacques et Poireaux avec Pernod—Scallops and Leeks with Pernod reviewed by kaye16

3rd February 2020

This was really delicious. I neglected to add the last bit of butter to the sauce, but no one complained. It's really fat enough without that. I used Ricard, rather than Pernod, since that was on hand. Served with Riz au Four (p135) and Courgettes au...
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Cuisse de Volaille à la Diable—Deviled Chicen Legs reviewed by kaye16

24th January 2020

Really a hit. For a half recipe I used four thighs rather than two complete legs. Dijon mustard. Only 10min for the second baking in the oven This takes a bit longer than what I would usually call a weeknight dinner, but it's not much work, so might...
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