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Falling Cloudberries: A World of Family Recipes

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Chicken, Coconut and Cashew Nut Curry reviewed by friederike

22nd May 2016

Very strangely flat. The house smelled of curry for at least a week, but unfortunately, we weren't able to taste that. Are our spices too old? If the flavours had been a lot stronger, it would have made a nice dish.
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Hasselback Potatoes reviewed by Zosia

8th July 2013

Very good version that produced flavourful potatoes with a crispy exterior and fluffy interior. I used russet potatoes and just a light drizzle of olive oil (instead of the copious amounts of butter and oil recommended) to produce these results...basting...
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Tzatziki (Yoghurt, Cucumber, Garlic and Mint Dip) reviewed by friederike

30th April 2013

Nice, but not very impressive. Would have been a 3.5 if we had the chance to give half ratings. The main problem was that it tasted too much of yoghurt with a bit of cucumber and garlic, instead of a cucumber and garlic sauce based on yoghurt - the emphasis...
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Olive Oil Bread reviewed by JamieK

3rd October 2012

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