No Time to Cook
By Donna Hay
Harpercollins Canada - 2009
ISBN: 1554686148

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No Time to Cook

Recent Reviews

Baked Peaches with Rosewater Yoghurt reviewed by friederike

3rd September 2015

I've been waiting to make this recipe ever since I first leafed through this book, and I finally did it. This is one of those recipes were your dish is only as good as your ingredients - notably, the peaches. Peaches often tend to taste mealy, and baking...
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Espresso Tiramisu reviewed by friederike

23rd February 2014

Very nice in taste, but: - you'll need probably more time than you'll expect. I simmered the coffee/liqueur for at least 20 min, and still it wasn't very sirupy. Also, in contrast to what the recipe says, I definitely wouldn't recommend putting the...
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Chicken, Lime and Coriander Quesadillas reviewed by friederike

4th May 2013

There were several things I wasn't entirely happy with. I used only half of the chilli and the lime juice, and I'm glad I did - it would have been too sour and way too hot otherwise! Admittedly, I used sour cream instead of cream cheese, but added a little...
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Aubergine Salad with Yoghurt Dressing reviewed by friederike

3rd May 2013

Nice in taste, but not suitable as a full meal as it is meant to be. The problem is that both the haloumi and the aubergine are too fat and heavy, making you feel like you're having a stone in your stomach even before you have finished your plate.
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