660 Curries
By Raghavan Iyer
Workman Publishing - 2008
ISBN: 0761148558

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660 Curries

Recent Reviews

Nimmy Paul's Tomato Rice (Tamatar Biryani) reviewed by gauntlet

19th June 2014

Wonderfully spicy! This rice dish has plenty of kick to it from the serrano chiles, so if you aren't that fond of spicy things you might want to consider dialing it back to jalapenos instead.
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Chopped Cabbage with Yellow Split Pea Sauce (Muttaikose Usli) reviewed by gauntlet

19th June 2014

Note - The 'sauce' is not a wet sauce at all. This is a fantastic dish! The yellow split pea crumbles into almost a bread-crumb consistency which provides body to the cabbage. Throw in a couple extra serrano chiles if you want to spice it up like I...
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Five-Spiced Whole Pigeon Peas reviewed by gauntlet

19th June 2014

I thought this was very good! Panch phoron is one of my favorite spice blends, and the texture of the cooked whole pigeon peas is quite unlike their halved brethren.
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Corn and Tomato Medley (Angrezi Bhutta) reviewed by tignor

14th May 2014

hmmm. Well, this was an idea. Not terribly flavorful but I will admit that I used McCormick Madras Curry Powder instead of the recipe in the book. I even used the hot kind -- and still, just corn and tomatos. It was ok. Served with my beloved chickpeas...
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