The Wooden Spoon Bread Book
By Marilyn M. Moore
Atlantic Monthly Press - 1987
ISBN: 0871131501

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The Wooden Spoon Bread Book

Recent Reviews

Buttermilk Crackers reviewed by jenncc

21st April 2019

Another tasty recipe from this reliable book. These were crisp if you get them thin enough (I prefer a bit thinner than the 1/8 inch recommended), slightly sweet, with a bit of tang. I cut some into squares but this dough was fairly wet, so I resorted...
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Homemade Saltine Crackers reviewed by jenncc

18th May 2016

These come together quickly and taste terrific. They stay crisp and go with just about anything - sweet or savory. I may like this recipe better than Peter Reinhart's Flaky, Buttery Crackers. I did brush these with melted butter and returned them to...
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Sourdough Biscuits reviewed by jenncc

1st November 2014

Great flakey biscuit! Tasty biscuit and a good way to use up sourdough discard. They didn't have the lift of my usual biscuits but I'm sure if I had given them a bit more time to rest/rise (or used recently fed starter) they would have been beautiful....
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Sourdough Pancakes and Waffles reviewed by jenncc

13th August 2014

Used this batter for waffles and they were delicious!
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