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Nothing Fancy: Recipes and Recollections of Soul-Satisfying Food

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Alice B. Toklas's Veal and Pork Loaf reviewed by kaye16

30th November 2018

This is an outstanding meatloaf. - It's a trifle salty. Think I'll use only 1/2tsp next time. - I didn't need the extra 1 cup of beef juice at the end. But I see now that I used 3/4 cup of wine instead of 1/4 cup. Oh well. The best meatloaf I've made,...
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Lemon Chicken reviewed by kaye16

25th November 2018

Pretty darn good way to cook a chicken. Kennedy recommends cutting it in half in half, but I suppose spatchcocking would work fine also. Tasty and easy to put together.
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My Mushroom Soup reviewed by kaye16

16th November 2018

Very tasty soup made with roasted mushrooms. Easy to make, if a bit time-consuming (1hr roasting the shrooms). - I made a half recipe, which made two main-dish servings, no room for seconds. - I used about 1/3 oyster mushrooms and 2/3 champignons de Paris,...
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Everyday Scones reviewed by kaye16

11th November 2018

A quick and relatively easy scone recipe. - Recipe says it makes 9. I made 11; I thought they were slightly thick and my cutter was a bit more than the 2" asked. - Had to add the full amount of milk, plus a dab more. - No sultanas. Good they were, especially...
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