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Curried Carrot Salad reviewed by kaye16

20th April 2015

A really nice variation on the standard/classic French carrot salad with lemon vinaigrette. Capers plus curry powder, cumin, allspice, and cayenne give a new sort of taste that goes well with all kinds of things.
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Middle Eastern Beet Salad reviewed by kaye16

19th October 2011

Made a half recipe, which probably would serve 3 easily. We liked this. Easy and tasty. - I used already cooked (steamed) beets from the store. - The spice mixture is rather like ras el hanout; might try that next time. - I added a small pinch of cayenne.
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Florentine Tomatoes reviewed by kaye16

19th October 2011

I made a half recipe of this as a side for dinner. Quite tasty. Needs quite a bit of salt. Not sure if separating the eggs really added that much. A handful of cooked grain added to the spinach mixture would be OK. There was *lots* of the spinach mixture...
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Banana Yogurt Freeze reviewed by kaye16

28th October 2010

This is a simple, quick dessert. You have to be prepared and have the banana chunks already frozen, but this can be done hours, days, or weeks ahead. (Keep the chunks smallish, less than 1" perhaps. And it's a good idea to freeze them in one layer, on...
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