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North Atlantic Seafood: A Comprehensive Guide with Recipes

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Cullen Skink reviewed by friederike

18th September 2014

DH walked into the kitchen tonight, looked into the pots and said, 'oh, liquid fish pie!' - and to be honest, that was spot on, it really was liquid fish pie. Unfortunately, due to the smoked fish it was also very/too salty despite me not having added...
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Mackerel with Rhubarb reviewed by friederike

11th June 2011

I really enjoyed this dish! Part of my pleasure of course came because someone had taken the effort and cooked and plated this dish, and it looked really nice! But that left aside: It was an unusual combination (for me, at least), it looked beautiful...
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Eliza Acton's Baked Soles reviewed by friederike

29th May 2011

Not a great success, unfortunately. The nutmeg and macis overpowered any nice taste the sole might have had, except for that strange aftertaste that seemed to come from the fish. Hmm.
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Shrimp on Rye Bread with a Fried Egg / Krabbenbrot reviewed by friederike

29th May 2011

Very delicious, healthy, and really simple, the ideal thing to eat for a quick snack. Or breakfast. Make sure you have enough shrimps (I didn't really think about it and just bought one pack for the two of us, for two slices each - which is, err, 25g...
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