Tarte Tatin
By Jasmin Schults, Anaisa Bruchner
Uitgeverij J.H. Becht - 2007
ISBN: 9789023012184

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Tarte Tatin

Recent Reviews

Fig, Port and Goat's Cheese Tarte Tatin / Tarte Tatin van vijgen, port en geitenkaas reviewed by friederike

26th July 2011

Very delicious, but two problems: it didn't say how much sugar to use, and it didn't say that it was nothing more than an appetizer with two portions! Looks like I'm going to bed hungry tonight. Tastewise, it was very delicious., but the flavours could...
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The Real Tarte Tatin / Tarte Tatin (de echte) reviewed by friederike

24th July 2011

Hmm. It wasn't such an enourmous success as last week's Tarte Tatin. The main problem was probably that we'd let the apples simmer for too long on the stove - apparently, this produced apple juice, which then again turned into a kind of apple jelly. Also,...
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Shortcrust Pastry / Pâté Brisée reviewed by friederike

24th July 2011

Worked very well, in contrast to most other shortcrust pastries I've made until now. It didn't really taste spectacular, a little more salt and sugar wouldn't hurt I suppose, but it did a nice job. What else can you want?
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