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Mediterranean Hot and Spicy

Recent Reviews

Grilled Pepper Salad with Feta and Cilantro reviewed by kaye16

18th August 2022

We really liked this. It was easy to make and can be put together in steps as other things are happening. I had a yellow bell pepper needing to be used so that stood in place of one of the three red bell peppers, making the dish even more colorful. I...
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Tuna with Wine, Vinegar, Tomato, Chile, and Capers reviewed by kaye16

18th August 2022

Made a halfish recipe with tuna. Ed thought the sauce was too strong for the tuna; but it was good over the orzo I served as a side. The times given for cooking tuna rare are much too long.
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North African Zucchini or Squash Salad reviewed by kaye16

25th April 2018

Tasty salad to use up that zucchini surplus. Just see that I forgot the mint, which would only have made it better.
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Orzo "Risotto" with Fresh Favas, Lemon, and Feta reviewed by kaye16

21st March 2018

Having bought a cabbage at the shops today, I made the winter variation of this using shredded cabbage. Good stuff. I made a half recipe and didn't think till too late that it is a main course. A good side dish also, but with leftovers. The recipe calls...
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