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River Cottage Everyday

Recent Reviews

Leftover stew pasties reviewed by Kestrel

2nd May 2019

These worked well, although I used a different pastry that I had in the fridge. The quality of this dish depends on how good your leftover stew is...I added some peas to mine and really liked them in the finished product. I froze the leftovers and I'm...
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Leftover pork with fennel and new potatoes reviewed by Kestrel

4th April 2019

I first made this recipe after seeing it on the program, and it is excellent with different meats including pork, my own salted beef, and even leftover deli meats. The fennel, potatoes, and meat make for a great tasting combo. I don't usually add the...
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Easy rich chocolate cake reviewed by Kestrel

22nd March 2019

This is a lovely cake and so easy to make. I love the addition of ground almonds with the chocolate. I made a half recipe and baked in a smaller tin at 350 convection for 25 minutes. It doesn't rise a lot; the final texture is more brownie like and less...
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Devilled Lambs' Hearts reviewed by Sovay

23rd April 2014

Hearts and liver are the bits of lamb I most often eat (because they're the most affordable) and this sauce would be good with either. I tried using a little of Nigel Slater's Damson and Ginger Sauce (for duck), which I had in my freezer, instead of...
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