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Chesapeake Bay Cooking

Recent Reviews

Remoulade Sauce reviewed by hipcook

21st September 2014

Very nice remoulade sauce. The green onion and celery add a freshness which works well.
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Fried Apples reviewed by hipcook

1st January 2014

Growing up, when my parents went out for the night, we'd often get Stouffer's escalloped apples as a dinner treat. This recipe doesn't have the same thick, syrupy sauce as the frozen one, but it does feed that same memory for me. It's a more grownup...
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Roast Fresh Ham with Fried Apples reviewed by hipcook

1st January 2014

I think of thyme as pork's best friend, but this recipe shows that sage might be a close second. I found the garlic flavor was a little lost, given the effort of studding the ham with slivers. We had a smaller ham than called for (4.75 lbs) and found...
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Succotash reviewed by kateq

14th December 2012

There are succotash recipes that allow the use of frozen veg; there are some that add cream or herbs or other 'stuff' -- this is the classic simple real deal--fresh corn, baby limas, barely cooked and then dressed with butter and lemon. Salt and fresh...
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