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The Incredible Secrets of Mustard: The Quintessential Guide to the History, Lore, Varieties and Healthful Benefits of Mustard

Recent Reviews

Egg Pickle of India reviewed by kaye16

27th March 2019

Mixed feelings about this one. - It's not a pickle like a lime pickle so doesn't scratch that itch. - Tastes good, though, if you like pickled things. I'm thinking chopping in a salad or sliced on a ham sandwich or just as a snack. - The recipe is not...
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Spicy Pork and Potatoes from India reviewed by kaye16

27th March 2019

I only realized when I was assembling the spices for this, that this is acutally a vindaloo recipe from someone who thinks vinadloo should have pototies in it. Not. The instructions are weak. The ingredients ask for TWO pounds of potatoes. I used only...
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Easy Salmon Patties reviewed by kaye16

22nd March 2019

These were pretty good, plain salmon patties. Nothing fantastically favorful, but just the basic thing. I made all the recipe; it served two and I've frozen another dinner-for-two's worth.
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Foil-Baked Fish Filets reviewed by kaye16

20th March 2019

Good idea, poor recipe. - What on earth are slivered carrots? I sliced my carrots fine and they weren't done in the given time. - The dry mustard powder was way too sharp. This would be better with dijon mustard. - No snow peas to be found; I used snijbonen,...
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