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The Incredible Secrets of Mustard: The Quintessential Guide to the History, Lore, Varieties and Healthful Benefits of Mustard

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Dijon-Style Trout 1
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Spicy Ham Spread reviewed by kaye16

17th March 2019

Easy to assemble. Way too sweet as written. I used only the honey (2tsps asked), and skipped the 2tsps brown sugar. It was still much sweeter than either of us would like. Used only 1/8tsp (rather than 1/4tsp) ground cloves, since I generally find cloves...
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Chicken Dijon reviewed by kaye16

14th March 2019

Half recipe was very good. Be a bit short with the liquid, since there was more than enough (delicious) sauce. Nonfat sour cream -- not.
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Crab Salad in Tomato Cups reviewed by kaye16

9th March 2019

This is listed as an entrée, but that's really hard to believe. As a not-too-big starter for three, it was very good. I used a can of crab meat, a bit less than asked, and real mayo, rather than low-fat, with all of the rest of the recipe. Filled medium-small...
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Dijon-Style Trout reviewed by kaye16

8th March 2019

I made a half recipe of this, with lieu noir rather than trout. The fish isn't that important. The sauce is delicious. I'm sure it has a name besides "Dijon-style", but I don't know it and haven't looked it up. It's rich, but really nice: minced shallots...
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