By Janneke Philippi
Karakter Uitgevers - 2011
ISBN: 9789061129608

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Recent Reviews

Apple Crumble Pie with Blueberries / Appelkruimeltaart met bosbessen reviewed by friederike

15th October 2012

Similar to the crumble cake recipes I reviewed a while ago (I wrote this review, the rest were family recipes). What was different about this cake is that all the recipes back then used a one batter for the base and a another one for the crumble. This...
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Apple Pie with an Almond Crust / Appeltaart met Amandelkrokant reviewed by friederike

29th September 2012

Amazing! The crust (made with 30g ground almonds and 30g ground hazelnuts because our almond supply was up) and the almond crust were extremely delicious, though the apples were pretty much uncooked. For really perfect results, perhaps you'd have to pre-cook...
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Tarte Tatin reviewed by friederike

18th September 2012

Why is caramel always so difficult? Let me start with saying that this tarte tatin was really, really delicious. Not as brilliant as the this tarte tatin the first time around, not as bad as the second time, and quite a bit better than this one. It could...
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Individual Apple Pies / Appeltaart in een bakje reviewed by friederike

7th September 2012

So-so, for 3 reasons: 1. Even after being in the fridge for more than 30 minutes, the dough was far too soft to roll it out properly. I had the idea that the consistency just wasn't right. I would guess that this dough is a crumble type of dough. Coincidentally,...
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